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Hello/goodbye: This blog has moved to

Actually, I didn't move it. I'm just leaving it behind and starting anew-ish.

I don't know what trucks look like.

Hey all you tens of readers! Happy almost new year and happy belated every other holiday of the year! I'm squeezing in a whopping second post of 2019 to let you know that 1) I'm still alive, 2) I'm no longer updating, and 3) I'm continuing this blog at

Why the change? It's mostly a back end problem. I've been using the same CMS since 2004. It worked great, until it stopped getting updates over four years ago. Then it worked less great. But I kept using the CMS despite knowing how risky it was to put the fate of my blog in its creaky, rusted-over hands. Every time I published a post without making something on this website explode, I felt like I had barely evaded blog death through dumb luck. But while dumb can last forever (Ima prove it!), luck cannot. One day I won't be able to log in at all, and then I'll wanna die, hehehehehehe, I would often chuckle to myself, my blood pressure spiking with each nervous "heh."

And then back in May, I couldn't log in. I didn't chuckle. Nor die! Dumb luck came to my rescue once more. I managed to fix the problem thanks to one person on the internet who blogged the solution to the problem, a solution I would've never figured out on my own because I'm not a coder. But that problem finally made me realize that fixing a rusty junkyard car with scraps of twine fished out of a pile of street garbage damp with sewage is a very bad idea when you don't know anything about fixing cars or twine.

So I had to get a new CMS. Maybe I can export this blog and import it into a new one? I thought. And then the export function didn't work because it's just one of the many broken doohickeys dangling by the barest of threads out of this virtual junkyard car bound by garbage twine.

SOOOOO I figured, screw this. I'm gonna leave this blog here. It'll be fine. That meant I could set up my new blog anywhere else. It seemed like a good opportunity to escape the "/food" directory I had been in for over a decade, a designation that has made less sense the less I wrote about food.

And that's why I'm continuing this blog at The blog name is the same because I still like it, and the design is still the same because I'm too lazy to make a new one, but it's otherwise kind of baby-fresh. And as a baby, it'll take years to become a fully grown boy/girl/something.

...Did I just abandon one kid, only to immediately make another one who has the same name and face?...what kind of monster...



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