About (In The Form of a Fake FAQ)

What camera do you use?

Here's a timeline of the cameras I've used since I started this blog:

May '10: Canon 7D with a Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC macro lens
Aug '07 - May '10: Canon 20D
June '06 - Aug '07: Canon Rebel XT
Before June '06: Canon SD 450

I "post process" all my photos in Photoshop to make them suck less. Of course, you need a camera to take semi-decent photos first, but without Photoshop, I am nothing.

Where'd the name of your blog come from?

I named this blog after one of my favorite books, The Man Who Ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten. The first time I met Jeffrey Steingarten, he joked about suing me for partially using the name of his book. Hahaha!

...He scares me a bit.

Do you know there's another food blog called "The Girl Who Ate Everything"?

YUUUUP oh well.

Do you actually eat everything?

...Alllmmmmost everything. The only food I avoid is spicy food because it tends to make my lungs gurgle in a way that makes it difficult to breath. As much as I love spicy food, I must say I love breathing more than I love spicy food. :(

I also avoid eating bugs and anything that's alive or seemingly alive. I think that's reasonable.

Are you good at cooking?

Not really. Up until October 2015, to which point I had mostly lived in NYC, I rarely cooked because I'm lazy and eating out is one of my favorite pasttimes. But in October 2015, I moved to Bergen, Norway to live with my Norwegian husband, and since then I've had to cook almost every day. Eating out in Bergen is either too expensive or not really worth it. And that's fine with me. I've gotten used to staying at home and cooking.

Do you make any money off this blog?

Once upon a time I had ads on this site, but now this blog is ad- and revenue-free! WEEEEEE (rolls around in piles of nonexistent money).

If for some reason you want to help me out monetarily, here are some ways:

- Buy stuff through my Amazon ID
- Buy my shirts and bags at maigocute.com
- Get webhosting with Dreamhost.com and enter roboppy@gmail.com as the referral

Thank you so much for your help!

Do you...make any money?

Currently, not really. I'm unemployed and settling into living in Norway. Before this, I had worked at Serious Eats in New York City for about seven years as a editor/writer/photographer/doodler.

How'd you get that awesome job at Serious Eats?

Connections and luck. ...And maybe some skills, but more of the former. I feel bad when people ask me for advice on how to work in the online food journalism industry—I don't know what to say. Time travel? If you go my route, you'd have to have been born in 1985 so that your college graduation nicely lines up with the infancy of the food blog world, which was so small in the mid-2000s that it wasn't difficult to be noticed as long as you were fairly competant and your photos weren't terrible. You'd also be living in a big city like NYC where there are more opportunities to find jobs such as "working at a food website." Through the referral of another food blogger (hi, Adam!), I started as an intern at Serious Eats in the beginning of 2007 while getting my undergraduate degree in Food Studies. When I graduated later that year, Serious Eats was only one year old and had yet to find its legs. They hired me straight on. I didn't have any competition. I'm not saying they hired me just because I was a human who was there, but I was definitely in the right place at the right time.

Basic info:

Name: Robyn Lee
Age: 30
Location: Bergen, Norway
Flickr: flickr.com/photos/roboppy
Instagram: instagram.com/roboppy
Facebook: facebook.com/thegirlwhoateeverything
Old-ass homepage: diskobox.net
Email: roboppy@gmail.com

How may I contact you?

Email is the best way to contact me, but honestly, I'm pretty bad at replying in a timely manner. Feel free to poke me more than once to make sure I'm not dead! I love hearing from readers!

If you're from a PR firm and want to contact me about something you're promoting, you probably shouldn't. I don't write solicited reviews. I don't care about new cookbooks or cooking gadgets. I'm 99% sure I can't go to whatever event your promoting and even if I could, I wouldn't be interested.

If you want to contact me about licensing my photos, please be clear about how you want to use the photo and what your photo rates are.

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