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Merry Christmas + McDonalds, Random Russian Stuff, Pudding and Falafels

Hopefully this isn't what you see before you die


(I don't mean to be offensive, by the way. However, I'm not religious, so when I say things like "HOORAY FOR JESUS!" I'm not exactly being serious. So. Yeah. Um. Thanks for reading my site, even though I am riddled with sin.)

So where was I on Saturday night?

large fries
Fries. Zomg.

Oh my god. Could it be? Does McDonald's dare grace this blog? Am I brain dead? The answer to all these questions is a colossal, "YES."

Kathy dips

See, I had this crazy chicken nugget craving the other day. And when you crave a chicken nugget, nothing can really replace it. The craving for deep-fried reformed chicken purée was so strong that it got to the point where I thought I was smelling the fumes of phantom chicken nuggets. In case you need to gauge your insanity, I'd say phantom smells are a sign that something upstairs is not working quite right. And by that I mean your brain function is impaired and you might need professional help.

However, I hadn't eaten at a McDonald's in maybe seven years and a chicken nugget in longer than that. Not entering a McDonald's in such a long time had to do with more than just being opposed to the nutritional content of the "food" (although honestly, I'll eat just about anything once no matter how unhealthy it is) but also with everything the business stood for. I don't mean to say that McDonald's is 200% evil, but as soon as I became a health/food politics nut way back in high school it immediately went into my "evil" box. Because McDonalds = the virus of American obesity and unhealth spreading all over the globe. Etc.

But you know what? Going to McDonald's to eat a chicken nugget is hardly the worst offense in the world. This revelation was nearly as important to me as that time I realized that eating cooked food wouldn't result in instant death (back when I was on a raw food diet, aka "that time that Robyn was really healthy and simultaneously not very happy"). I knew that if I didn't eat one soon my mind would be plagued with phantom chicken nugget smells and nightmares featuring chicken nuggets and maybe a hallucination here and there. Why should I have to deal with that when in NYC there's a McDonald's on every other block?

I'm eating, what do you know hm...
And now I chomp

So, with Kathy as my witness, I gave into the craving. For experimental purposes. It was very important for me to find out whether today's chicken nugget would stand up to the memories of my youth when I would regularly tuck into those 4-piece chicken nugget Happy Meals and shorten my life with each trans fat-filled chickeny bite.


I chomp. I tasted. I approved. Kathy and I agreed that chicken nuggets from McDonald's are just plain tasty, even if they're made of god knows what.

(A slight aside: if you visit the flickr page for the above photo, you'll see a bunch of long comments from a user named Canon. I don't mind saying on this public site that he's left a number of comments of questionably tactful nature [in that they're not], comments that I've managed to ignore until now because...well, I have a bunch of reasons, but basically I think he's being a bit of a jerk, using my flickr page as as forum for his beliefs along with targeting me, someone who obviously almost never eats at McDonald's in the first place and doesn't need to be told about the horrors of industrial agriculture. Although I'm tempted to ban him, I think I'll just ignore him once more and see if he does anything like this again. I'm justified in feeling this way, right? I mean, to be annoyed by his comments. It's very, very rare that anyone bothers me to the point when I want to tell them to leave me alone.)

Update (12/26/07): I blocked him. The comments were getting more ridiculous.


It's the crust. The golden armor around the mashed chicken innards that happens to be this perfect thickness, not too light or heavy, almost flaky in some way, and satisfyingly crispy when freshly fried. Is it like no other crust, or do I just not have enough chicken nugget eating experience? Is it one damn tasty nugget? Is it?

the fries wait to pounce on its ketchup-y prey

Sadly, the fries were full of fail. The slightly stale, sub-crispy texture told us that they had been sitting out for too long.


...Not that that stopped us from eating every last fry, which in my case involved slathering most of the surface area with sweet and sour sauce.

Kathy's stash
We ate other stuff!

Before going on our nugget killing spree, Kathy and I feasted on random goodies that she had brought back from her afternoon at Brighton Beach. (Update (12/16/07): Read her entry, it's really...long and stuff! And more detailed than what I wrote here.) It looked so promising. So...full of hope. Until we started sampling the goods, after which it all went downhill.

What was wrong? Sadly, things looked better than they tasted. The blobs on the left that look like meringues? They were semi-marshmallows. As Kathy said, it was like they were marshmallows that hadn't fully marshmallow-ed. And that's exactly what they tasted like: underdeveloped marshmallows. Marshmallow fetuses. There's a nice picture for ya.

The pancake looking things at the front of the photo didn't have much going for them. Bland. Maybe that's what they're supposed to taste like. I'll assume they taste good when fresh.

Dunno what this is
Dunno what this is

This puffy pastry with a thin shell was filled with an airy marshmallow-like substance studded with raisins. We deemed it "okay." Not bad, nor something we would dream about eating again.

The best thing in Kathy's stash was the carrot cake, an amazingly moist, just slightly chewy cake overstuffed with carrot, nuts and raisins. It was quadrupley awesome. I initially thought I was too full to eat it, but then I found myself cutting off a few chunks. And devouring them. And feeling like I could eat even more despite the heavy carrot-raisin-nut combo. Those are the most dangerous kinds of cakes, the ones that seems to bypass your satiety alert until after you've eaten six servings of something and feel less like a human, more like pregnant whale with a disease whose major symptom is intense bloating.


The kvass wasn't so bad. Kinda sweet, kinda bitter, kinda medicinal, kinda fizzy. Thus is the magic of water, malt, sugar, yeast and raisins, the combination everyone's been kinda dying to try. But not.

we need pudding

Fast forward to post-McDonald's dessert. We killed some time in the East Village by going to Chikalicious Puddin', the new pudding-only outpost—three puddings to be exact—from the owners of Chikalicious, NYC's first dessert bar. Chikalicious Puddin' is a small place, only offering standing room around a central oval counter, but you probably won't linger long after finishing your pudding in five bites.

adult chocolate pudding
Adult Chocolate Pudding

The adult chocolate pudding, which came atop a bed of crushed chocolate cookie "soil," was...alright. There was nothing wrong with it, but I found it quite mild for something with "adult" in the title. Loved the perfectly smooth, creamy texture, but it could've used twice the chocolate.

vanilla custard steamed pudding
Vanilla Custard Steamed Pudding

I was a bigger fan of the vanilla custard steamed pudding, although Kathy pointed out that while it tasted good, it wasn't interesting. It was simply a light, super-moist steamed cake in a pool of crème anglaise. Of course it tastes good. But not, "OMG NEED MORE!" good.

And that's my overall impression of Chikalicious: tastes good, but not so amazing that I'd recommend going out of your way to pay $4.50 for a little pudding cup. If you're in the area and crave pudding, it's a good choice. Or rather, it's your only choice.

Um, earlier in the day...

Early that Saturday afternoon I had met up with Tina and her friends at my favorite falafel joint, Taim, for an end-of-the-year falafel gorging.

Robot tea

But I started with tea. Made from Ceylon tea, not Cylon, methinks. (John noticed the typo.)

my chai
Ah, chai tea, my favorite

Chai is easily my favorite tea. It's sweet. It's milky. It's dessert in a cup. I wouldn't say that Taim's version tasted much better than other chai teas I've had, but it was a nice warm drink for a cold afternoon.

harissa falafel
falafel pita sammich omg

My harissa falafel pita sandwich was massive. MASSIVELY DELICIOUS. You'd have to be nearly starving for one of their falafel pita sandwiches to not fill you up. Halfway through my sandwich I already felt the beginning of stomach over-stuff-age, but I continued to polish off the whole sandwich because, as I exclaimed in the beginning of this paragraph, it is MASSIVELY DELICIOUS TO A DEGREE YOU COULD NOT IMAGINE, unless you've already been there. It's the combination of falafels with this perfect texture, a crisp crust encapsulating light chickpea innards, shoved into a warm, fluffy pita, and smothered in creamy hummus and fresh salady bits. From my first bite of the sandwich to the last I'm usually stuck in some kind of falafel coma. It's awesome.

Seungmi's falafel platter Seungmi was HUUNNNGRY
Falafel platter, here, gone

If you're especially hungry you can get a falafel platter, kind of like a deconstructed falafel pita sandwich with more stuff, accompanied by three sauces on the side. Seungmi impressively ate every last bit off her plate. I might have to try that next time.


...Yeah, I think you can find one of these on your own.

Brighton Beach
Way out there in Brooklyn

Chikalicious Puddin'
204 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003

Address: 222 Waverly Pl
New York, NY 10014


Graeme / December 25, 2007 7:08 AM

The shame! I know how you feel.

I went into a KFC for the first time in about 10 years the other week. I'm not gonna lie and say it was bad; it wasn't.

But "Finger lickin' good"? The only thing I found to lick on my fingers was grease, lol.

G / December 25, 2007 7:22 AM

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do (only to find yourself utterly dissatisfied in the end :p). At least you've had your shot of McD for the next ten years.

Tina / December 25, 2007 7:37 AM

First of all, Merry Christmas to you, Robyn! :D

You looked so adorable when you ate your McD's nuggets. About Canon's comments, he has major issues which I won't go into depth about.

Is that pancake thing that you're talking about is a blini? Looks like it and it's popular Russian food...

I'm actually shocked when Seungmi actually finished the entire platter by herself! I know she could eat but, damn!

Kay / December 25, 2007 8:49 AM

Hiya! I've never eaten any of the other foods you've posted but this is what I've learn from pass experience.

1) KFC sells the best chicken
2) Wendy's Fries are generally better than the other chains.
3) McDonald's MCChicken (or however you spell it) I believe, gives you a better chicken nugget experience (as the nugget is bigger) for a cheaper price.
4) I also really like BK's Whooper.

*But all this info may be a few years old, I've stop going to some of them - I guess its something you loose once you grow up :(

BRS / December 25, 2007 8:52 AM

I can't believe Chikalicious now has a pudding outpost. Years ago in Boston, some folks attempted the same in the premier capitol of ice cream. It was called Pudding it First. It didn't survive, but the pudding never looked like THAT. Pudding is underrated as a delicious treat. A few weeks ago I created a budino (Italian butterscotch pudding) with hot caramel sauce and creme fraiche, and it was greatly appreciated by my family, some with gluten allergies.

Happy Christmas, Robin! Looking forward to the New Year's post and many more fabulous entries.

Kathy / December 25, 2007 10:24 AM

Why, come to think of it...I'd say two out of our four nuggets were shaped like baby Jesus!

if nuggets = sin, so be it!

dave / December 25, 2007 10:51 AM

Happy Christmas!! I read your site all the time, but this is the first post Ive made... So yea, peace, joy and oodles of food to you and yours on this wonderful day.


Mickjagger / December 25, 2007 1:13 PM

Joyeux Noël! :)
Haha, McD before year's end... you did it!
Now you just need to get lunch at a "Quick" in Paris before you can die happily ;) :p

Jeanne / December 25, 2007 2:10 PM

Merry Christmas Robyn!
Sometimes when I crave McNuggets...I only eat the batter. Also, I have a sick love for Jack in the Box tacos. And if you have a Popeye's nearby, go there for yummy buttery honey soaked crispy shelled biscuits. I also think their chicken is better than KFC's, but that could be a west coast thing. Those are my fast food/midnight snack guilty pleasures.

ANYWAY, let's go fooding! I'll be in NYC again in March!

Michelle / December 25, 2007 2:56 PM

I have to say that Canon has made such a fool out of himself that he made me laugh. HAHAHHA.
Merry Christmas Robyn!!

roboppy / December 25, 2007 7:06 PM

Graeme: I think we're gonna hit up KFC next. Seriously, Kathy and I have plan to eat...all this tasty bad stuff. IT'LL BE SO MUCH FUN!

G: Next task at hand after eating a chicken nugget: GET DRUNK FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Tina: Thanks!

OH GOD I don't know what's wrong with Canon. If only I were a psychologist...

I think it must've been a blini (or three blinis). But a sad, non-fresh blini.

Kay: I've never had Wendy's fries. Hell, I've rarely eaten at Wendy's, maybe twice in my life? Hmmm. Never had a Whopper either! How deprived was my childhood?

BRS: Aw, I love the idea of a pudding shop! Even if it didn't survive. And had a corny name. For a long time I wanted someone to start a restaurant that only sold pudding and pancakes, but I guess that's kinda limiting.


Marvo: The dark side tastes so good.



Kathy: Oh, we ate him too?


Good thing I don't believe in hell or else this sinning might be a problem.

Dave: Thanks for de-lurking! I always appreciate hearing a new voice. :D

I ate many oodles of food today. Now I want to pass out.

Yann: HAHA, I gotta try all the fast food in Paris as well? Maybe next time.. ;)

Jeanne: I've definitely eaten batter off the nugget before. -__-

I haven't been to Popeye's in....uhh, FOREVER. Since I was realllly little. I'll keep those biscuits in mind.

Yes, we shall go fooding in March!

Michelle: Haha, I'm glad he's amusing...I mean that he brings something besides anxiety. :P

susan in HK / December 26, 2007 12:53 AM

Hi Robyn,

McD's in the States stopped using beef fat for their fries, that's why they're not good anymore. They still use beef fat in HK so the fries are much better (not saying you should eat at McD's if you ever come to HK - there are much more delicious foods to eat, but if you ever do come here and have a McD's craving that just cannot be denied, then try the fries and the spicy wings [which I believe aren't sold in the States]).
re: Canon, you'd think the idiot would realise it's not easy to convince people if you antagonise them; if they like you they might be willing to listen. But I guess that's why he's an idiot.

jodie / December 26, 2007 1:05 AM

god! i want me some falafel + pita bread + creamy hummus like, RIGHT NOW!
and, um, i had my first big mac in ages the other day, and it was even worse that what i remembered. i think the only thing i don't mind eating from mcdonald's is the sausage+egg mcmuffin. well, that, and fries dipped in milkshake. hmm.

(comment bastards = everyone's least favourite internet phenomenon. or not. le sigh.)

olia / December 26, 2007 1:51 AM

You went to Brighton beach w/o me (well Kathy did) ::weeeeeep::
i'm sorry you guys were disappointed by the goods, but the only one i'd really defend is the marshmallow fetus lol (zefir) -- maybe you have to eat them as a child, but they seem to be the "real" marshmallows to me and i think they are technically more "natural", usually made w/apple um...something as main ingredient. I just hope the ones you had were bad batch or something, and maybe one day i can share the good ones w/you (actually next time you should try pastila which is kinda similar but in rectangular shape).
Jeremiah loves those pancaky things (sirniki), but i think they are best fresh home made -- they are made out of tvorog (farmer's cheese?) and pan fried, eaten with sweet preserves usually.
OMG now i fiend for carrot cake, if Kathy got it from M&I market it is super there filled w/raisiny nutty goodness.
and now i'm hungry o_O

ps definitely must go out to dinner soon -- amazing 66 pumpkin ribs???

Julie / December 26, 2007 10:25 AM

I love starting my day with your blog. It never fails to make me smile, if not outright guffaw.

On Canon: I read only a couple comments, but I hope you wouldn't feel bad about banning him. He's taking a lot of time out of his day to be mean to you and to your fans who try to defend you.

On fast food: I crave that stuff sometimes, too. Usually, it's an In 'n' Out burger or the greasy potato cakes from Arby's or milkshakes from ... anywhwere ... because they're milkshakes, for Peter's sake!

On falafel: I read that some famous child star died after eating falafel and Pepsi ...

Happy, safe, and healthy holidays!

PS--I had to rewrite the "spoon" key because I added an exclamation point the first time: "spoon!"

wonders / December 26, 2007 10:33 AM

Ah Mcdonalds! I had that last night for the first time in a year I think. There was nothing open -=( and nothing to cook in the house...

I'm not a big fan of tastes weird to my mouth.

That vanilla custard steam pudding looks yummy tho!!

zuppe / December 26, 2007 4:35 PM

I'm newly entranced by your blog & awesome photographs... Girl, you had me at marshmallow fetuses. I can't get enough, and now I want falafel. Mmmmm. And nuggets. Of something.

North NJ tidbit - my father's been telling me for at least a decade that McDonald's has been trying (and failing) to open a Ridgewood outpost. Methinks the restaurant cartel in town is afraid of the addictive competition.

BTW, have you tried Tabbouleh (Ridgewood) when back in NJ? Just thinking of the muhammarah makes my mouth water! Uh-oh, I may be experiencing phantom smells right now.

Mickjagger / December 26, 2007 6:20 PM

owww just saw the long psychotic speech of this crazy guy! Sorry he's a fuckin' french... and tarnishes the Canon name too!! ;)
Let's call him a "relou"! (verlan -inversion of syllabs- of "lourd" meaning not "heavy" in this context but "over-annoying"!)
He just took you as a "bouc-emissaire" (scapegoat) for the subject of his crazy rants... you have been right to ban him, it's better not to waste time with internet maniacs!
And continue to post funny pictures :)

jess / December 26, 2007 6:57 PM

hi~ i am a new reader to your blog so please welcome me with open arms! haha. just kidding.
just a quick question--how much does your average meal cost? O_____O;;

roboppy / December 27, 2007 1:06 AM


Sigh. Well. It's not vegetarian, I suppose. Not that vegetarians should be going to McD.

When I was in Taiwan McD sold fried chicken. Spicy! And it was good! I'm not surprised they don't have that in the US; wouldn't be as popular, I think. Maybe it's the same with the wings...

Oh man, that Canon guy. I wonder if he's like that in real life or if he's riding on the anonymity of the internet. :[

Jodie: I had a Big Mac ONCE in a life. Just once. Cos it wasn't very good. :( However, I do like the chicken sandwich and the fish uh, I may not be a good judge of taste.

I must try these fries dipped in milkshake!

Julie: I'm glad I make you smile! My day usually starts off with me feeling like death. Crap, I'm doing something wrong.

Oh god I so had to block Canon. The comments were getting more and more ridiculous and he didn't deserve any more chances. I don't like blocking people though. :(

I like In-N-Out! Woo! I think I've only been to Arby's once in a life and I remember nothing about it. Hmm. And yes, milkshakes = awesome indulgence.

As for the falafel and pepsi, good lord. Okay. Bad mix.


wonders: I went to McD many times because of lack of other food...and...well, it was mostly laziness, but yeah.

CHAI! SO TASTY! WAAH! Well. With a lot of sugar. Yes.

zuppe: "Marshmallow fetus" might be a good name for a band. Or a really bad one. It goes both ways, right?


Wow, I NEVER thought about how Ridgewood didn't have a McD! Weird. I lived near Wyckoff (liek 10 minutes) so I always went to that one. Anyhoo I'm all for not having McD in ridgewood; they don't really need it, I think. Or all those people can go to the one in Wyckoff.

I think I've been to Tabbouleh once, but...only once. If I'm thinking of the right place. I should go back!

Yann: He messes with the French AND Canon! Double bad! I'm glad I know people like you, non-crazy French people...yes. -__- And his attitude made people WANT to eat McD. Not his intention, I think.


Or something. They look like arrows but you get the idea.

The average meal? depends. I like to It's usually under $20, sometimes under $10. Preferably under $10. I'm kinda cheap. Then again, I will spent $50 if I think it's worth it.

In other words, it varies a lot. We spend like...$3 at McD, but the pudding was $9 altogether. Taim was about $8 (tea and sammich). And I just mooched off Kathy's Russian food!

Loretta: Haha, I should've plated the chicken nuggets and fries on a nice dish. ;)

Happy holidays to you too!

Sera / December 27, 2007 10:58 AM

"..the ones that seems to bypass your satiety alert until after you've eaten six servings of something and feel less like a human, more like pregnant whale with a disease whose major symptom is intense bloating."

That's just so awesome Robyn. My god, that was, my ENTIRE Christmas vacation! Now I know what's wrong with meeeee.

Mikey / December 27, 2007 11:42 AM

First off: That Canon guy was (and indeed probably still is) a major %^$%hole.

After all of the unhealthyness of the past holidays, with its generous amounts of fat, cream, starch and carbs, your blog gave me the perfect idea for dinner today: FALAFEL!!! Me wants some!

Have a good, food-filled 2008!

Penny / December 27, 2007 1:48 PM

I love your picture! You're not a heathen, your religion is food.

I love the way you write and your unorthodox way of describing things. Marshmallow fetuses!! I think it's because you sound like what I think my stomach would sound like if it enunciated a bit better. Ooh, next time I'm mad at someone, I think I'll yell "Marshmallow fetuses!" To freak people out.

toadberry / December 27, 2007 2:42 PM

In Europe you got curry sauce with your chicken mcnuggets and you could buy beer in McD's. I used to like bigmacs and cheeseburgers, but have not been there in years, not so much for political correctness, but my tastes changed and I just don't like the stuff any more. I can totally understanding strange craving though. About once a year I get a strong urge to eat sardines. :)

That cannon guy illustrates how essential is to have a sense of humor about one's own self. Most evil in the world came from good ideals taken to their fanatical extreme.

roboppy / December 27, 2007 9:51 PM

mj: People who had never seen me eat cooked food were just as surprised when they heard I got off my diet! ;D If you're really bored you can read this entry I wrote when I got off my diet.

Sera: I hope you are less bloaty now! :[ I am!...kinda...

Mikey: Fried chickpeas, mmmyes....a whole special level of delicious!

You have a great 2008 too!


Shouting "marshmallow fetuses" sounds like a good way to freak people out. Something that I am quite good at.

toadberry: Oo I didn't know you could get curry sauce! Hmm. I want that.

I LOVE SARDINES! Not just once a year! But multiple times!

Oh, that canon guy. I wonder what's wrong with him. :(

Harry: Narcissism tastes like chicken!

Fern / December 29, 2007 7:36 AM

This is my 1st comment here even though I've been 'stalking' yr blog for a while now.
I craved McD's fries once in a while too...nobody, NOBODY can do better fries than McD's (tat's at least, for here in Singapore).
As for tat Canon guy... *shakes head*

xxoos / December 29, 2007 11:23 AM

McD's the ultimate comfort food because (almost) all kids grow up eating that and craving for it. although we're older, wiser, more learned about food, there really are times when i need just that little comfort. i remember when i was overseas on my exchange programme, everytime when i was missing home and in need of a little comfort, McNuggets was that thing that sooths me. even other commercially available nuggets dont provide that comfort as does McDees.

it's kinda scary to think about it this way... haha~

Julia / December 29, 2007 12:48 PM

I'm w/ olia, zefir (the marshmallow fetuses) things are some of my favorite snacks ever! I prefer them to regular marshmallows (or marangues which I feel are evil) because they have a hint of sourness (not spoiled sour, lemon-juice flavor type sour) to them which I adore. But you might have had a stale batch so that'd be bad.

A dumpling lover that you are, I can't believe you haven't tried pelmeni or vareniki yet. That'd prob be your best bet when it comes to Russian food. And with all the food, just cause it's from Brighton doesn't mean it's good. There are good sellers of Russian food and then there's the majority of places in Brighton.

Lynnie / December 30, 2007 12:42 AM

I just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT!!!! You look so adorable eating chicken nuggets! I do not think I ever look that adorable eating anything - if I am by myself it's more like a stark raving looney mixing and concocting various combinations of foods for new taste sensations :-)

I just went to McDonald's this week for the first time in years, ironically the one in Wyckoff and thoroughly enjoyed a burger, a fish sandwich and fries. I also never want to eat it again. Oh and Taboulleh is an excellent place - I do wish there was a good place to get REAL falafel in this area, short of going to NY -


maomau / December 31, 2007 1:15 AM

wow, i was wondering when you were going to block that canon kook. he was a priest preaching w/ no church. one isolated dude that don't get on planes, etc.

i like some nuggets once in a while. just like i'll have white castles once a year. hahahhaa

Connie / December 31, 2007 6:36 PM

Hi Robyn,
I recently found out about your blog through Tina's food blog. Thank you for letting me know about this wonderful falafel joint. I went there with my parents today. Although this place was much cozier than I expected, we went there before lunch time and were able to find 3 seats. We ordered both the regular falafel pita and the red falafel pita, and both versions were very delicious.

roboppy / January 2, 2008 2:27 PM

Steamy Kitchen: I haven't had that soft serve in ages. Is another visit in order? For sweeeet delicious...artificial frozen stuff? YEAH!

Fern: No more stalking for you!

I wish my fries hadn't tasted stale. I had such fond non-stale memories of them...

xxoos: For the ultimate comfort I think I should've gotten a HAPPY MEAL! How crazy would that be? ...Yeah. I really did consider it but no toys were on display at the McD I went to. I thought they always did that. Or maybe my McD was ADULTS ONLY.

Julia: I'm anti-meringue too; not a fan of the crunchy light airy sugar thing. But lots of people love em, so I'm probably in the minority.

I would be willing to give more chance. ;)

I've rarely had Russian food! ...Wait, have I ever had proper Russian food? Okay, maybe I've never had Russian food, which would explain why I haven't had those dumplings. Lots of cuisines have their own dumpling type things; I have a LONG way to go if I want to eat the dumplings of the world!

Lynnie: I usually look insane. Don't be fooled by the photo!

I will have to go back to Taboulleh.



He was never seriously crazy looking until now! And he's been my flickr contact for a while. Strange. It's not the first time I've eaten fast food, just the first time McD has appeared in my flickr.

I haven't been to White Castle in ages, but I have no craving for it. -__-

lilartist: Ohhh no, it's just a bunch of crazy stuff that will make you feel disappointed in humanity.

Connie: I'm glad you liked it! It's my favorite falafel in the woooorld.

Marianna / January 12, 2008 5:38 PM

oh boy, you are so funny and i always enjoy reading your posts- even though i don't always comment! that chicken nuggets craving attack was entertaining to read :-)
oh ya- (i'm a bit late on this one) happy new year!! looking fwd to seeing what the girl who ate everything will be eating in '08!! :-)

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