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Attention Londoners: Help a friend!

My good friend Tristan, seen in previous episodes of TGWAE such as this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one, is currently studying abroad in London for his final semester of college and would like to meet some REAL BRITISH PEOPLE. Or at least people who are not American students in his program.

I referred him to some of my London-based friends, of which there are very few, before I realized that I HAVE A BLOG, which makes me feel like I HOLD THE POWER OF THE INTERNET IN MY NUBBLY FINGERTIPS and can CROSS THE OCEAN through the CYBERTUBES and so eloquently be like, "Hey London, how's it goin?"

Soo. Hey London, how's it...goin?

I don't know how many readers I have in London, but if any of you would be willing to help welcome Tristan to the Land of Eng (am I the only person who calls it that?), he would love you for it and I would feel the second level of happiness for knowing that my friend was being treated well by my awesome blog readers. If you think you'd like me in real life, you'll probably like Tristan too. Kathy can vouch for his coolness as well! He is not insane! For the most part.

So if this sounds at all appealing to you and you want to win some intangible karma points, email me at with some info about yourself and I will hook you up. You could count on him for a place to crash next time you're in Virginia! Yeah? Yeeeah?

This is what you see when you enter hell.

I just scared off a bunch of you, eh? Oops.


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