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Sometimes people ask me how often I update my blog. I figure at least once a week, but ideally twice. Unless I just don't eat much. Which is what this past week has been like. Today I ate some fruit and Terra Chips for lunch even though I wasn't very hungry (or rather, I didn't eat any more than that because I wasn't very hungry) and my stomach unsurprisingly gurgled and blurged and [insert other stomach-like onomatopoeia] during my afternoon "Food in the Arts" class.

But I still wasn't that hungry. I blame it on a mixture of physical sickness (a bug I seemed to catch as soon as I stepped off the plane in Newark) and mental unrest. I know I have a network of friends I can turn to if I need a chat, but...some things are better kept to myself. The last time I went through a weird shitty relationship issue I unintentially made my friends feel helpless by telling them my problems but giving them no real way to help me and made my antagonist look like an asshole. Which wasn't my intention. Anyway, I assume that whatever problem I have now will eventually sort itself out or float away.

Or I'll go insane. It hasn't happened yet, but there's a first time for everything. Maybe it's time I go insane—I can check it off my "List of Things to Do Before I Die". I went to bed at 9:30 PM on Monday night due to lack of will to do anything else (probably taking about 4 hours to fall asleep), which is absolutely ridiculous for someone who's used to going to bed after midnight. INSANITY, HERE I COME!!!

So during those times when I don't email you back for a long time or update for a while or sound jolly, it's because I'm stewing in a vat of my own brain poo. The more I stew, the more intense it gets. Like...real stew! Mm, unlock those beefy flavors (assuming your stew has beef in it). Unless you cook it to a mush. Like my brain. Um.

I'm kind of okay at this very moment in time. I'll probably just eat fruit tonight since I have no appetite, but if you find it entertaining I can regale you with what I ate during the last week.

fake food is awesome
inedible food

No, I didn't eat all the food in Mitsuwa. God knows I'd want to. I went to Mitsuwa last Friday with Lee Anne as our last food outing before she had to go back to Arizona. My mum picked me up from Mitsuwa to go home where I would later sleep on a real mattress, as opposed to the air-filled one on the ground a foot behind me. Not that my air mattress is a buoyant product of heathens, but I was really excited to not have to sleep on it for two nights. (Actually, I've had a number of really weird dreams since moving to my new apartment. I suppose it's a combination of the air mattress, lack of hungry and mental unrest. So many factors, ooh!)


Lee Anne excitedly tore into her pack of Yakult, a Japanese-made, white, opaque, yogurt-esque drink that comes in semi-clear foil-topped bottles fit for really tiny humans, or humans with tiny thirsts/hands/stomachs. Judging from my time in Taiwan involving many perusals of Family Mart and the rest of the c-store world (they're everywhere, man, everywhere, kind of the opposite of Paris), I'm just going to say that you can find Yakult all over Asia. Or at least Taiwan. I drank it in Taiwan to see what the fuss was about. It tastes good—sweet, slightly tart, kind of yogurty—but it never escalated to a thing worthy of my obsession. It makes you thirstier, for one thing, which kind of goes against why I drink liquids in the first place. But lots of people love this stuff to death. So.

chicken curry udon beef curry udon
bowls of noods

Since I wasn't craving anything in particular, I followed Lee Anne's order of beef curry udon with a bowl of chicken curry udon. My mum thought our bowls looked small, as though it wouldn't be enough for a meal, but udon is heavy stuff. Thick, soft, mildly chewy ropes of wheat suspended in a viscous curry sauce with chunks of meat and a surprisingly huge amount of chopped onions. It's tasty, if that's your thing.

mum's katsu platter thing
mm, fried meat

My mum went for the pork (or chicken) katsu platter thing that comes with miso soup, a little fruit cocktail salad thing, tofu chunk, and a lot of rice, the delicious plump, short-grain sticky stuff. I would usually go for that platter, but I wasn't hungry enough.

green tea ice cream
green tea ice cream

Lee Anne and I shared a small cup of green tea soft serve ice cream from the Ito En counter. Even though I don't really like green tea flavored desserts, after hearing so many good things about it I wanted to try the soft serve. And it was...pleasing. Not too bitter, but had that real green tea flavor. As opposed to the fake one. I don't know.

Super custard!

Next time I'll try the Super Custard Vanilla just because it has such a ridiculous name and costs 50 cents more. What makes it super? What makes it half a dollar more worth my while? Aren't you dying to know? Or is that just me? Probably just me. Crap.

That night my mum and I saw Children of Men. You know, as a pick-me-up. Awesome. I mean, I liked the movie. It almost makes me want to have babies, but...not. I hope I'm dead by the time the world goes to shit.

giant sammich

mm, family!
mm, family!

Oh, how I love suburbia. Not that you'd never find the image of a loving family in a city, but I just thought this image was funny. Totally unintentional as well. Wegmans doesn't allow photography, for the most part (I know because they once told me to stop taking photos of their awesome cakes...hohum), so I took this random shot from the second floor eating area. I wonder what was going on with those people. We'll never know.


Once again, I wasn't very hungry and I had no idea what to eat. I wasn't in much mood for meat so I opted for this "ended up being a lot larger in my hands than how it looked behind the counter" grilled vegetable sandwich on ciabatta bread. I felt like I was carrying around a limp cat in my paper bag, not a sandwich. Despite it's enormity, I managed to ingest most of it. There were a few slices of cheese in there that I would've rather done without, along with perhaps half of the filling so that I could actually wrap my mouth around the whole thing, was good.

my mum loves these things to death crab sushi
mum's food

My mum tends to stick to her favorites: spring rolls and sushi. No problem with that, and probably better for her since I actually don't love spring rolls or sushi (I merely "like" them), especially when they're primarily filled with shrimp or crab, two ingredients I don't especially love. The sushi rice tasted a bit block-like (instead of being made of individual rice grains, know what I mean?), but the fresh crab meat was a nice change from surimu. Even though I don't love crab, I can appreciate it when it's of the fresh, minimally processed kind. It tastes like the sea. Mmm.

[If anyone wants an explanation on why I type "mum", I don't really have one. It's a habit I picked up in middle school, only in writing. Otherwise I say "mom". And sometimes type "mom." But I like "mum". It looks nice. People have asked me about it before.]

sourdough baguette
sourdough baguette

We bought a small child-length (whatever that is) sourdough baguette for $3 (non-soured ones are $2) along with a few boxes of Wegmans' chocolates and other things that don't contribute much to good health. While the baguette still didn't reach the awesomness of the Parisian variety, it was still jaw-achingly good with a thick, crispy crust and soft, chewy, slightly tangy innards. Wegmans makes many awesome kinds of artisan bread (unfortunately they don't describe them much on their website); I wish other supermarkets could do the same thing.


gonna make dumps folding the dumpling

On Sunday afternoon after returning to my air mattress throne I went to a dumpling making party that Julie so kindly invited me to. Unbeknownst to me, the dumpling making party is a common Taiwanese student activity. It's definitely one of the awesomest ideas I could think of. Conviviality while making something extremely easy, tasty, and inexpensive? Easy if you have a handful of people (and bowls and knives) at least. Otherwise it would take you too long to make over 200 dumplings (which fed 10 people, and then some).

We filled the dumpling skins with a ground pork-based mixture of pork and cabbage or pork and chives, seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, and...salt. Yup, you need more salt! Or don't need, but could use some more salt. Hey, whatever makes it tasty is fine with me.

tray of dumplings

After closing your dumpling skins in whatever manner you prefer (mine are the crimpy looking ones in the front corner) to prevent meat leakage, place your dumplings on a lined tray (unless you want them to stick to your tray).

pot o dumps
killin' time

Plop as many dumplings as you feel like in a huge vat of boiling water. You can also pan fry them, but boiling is easier. When they're all floaty like a mass of dead, bulbous, slightly transluscent meat-stuffed bodies, they're done! I think.

plate of boiled dumplings lots of little dumps dig in
dig in

Prepare a few dishes of dipping sauce, plop the cooked dumplings on lots of plates
and dig in because you are ravenously hungry. I ate 18 dumplings. Eight more than ten. I don't think my stomach is even large enough to fit 18 dumplings, no matter how delicious, which these were. I regretted it after they 18 little dumps settled/piled in the pit of my belly. But then I ate even more food.

almond jello stuff
almond jello stuff

Almond jello cubes and fruti cocktail in sweet water-soup stuff is a common Chinese dessert, although I have no idea why. I never developed any kind of attachment to it despite eating it since I was little. Maybe I never found it sweet enough. However, after all the savoury dumpling action I did want something sweet. Into my mouth the jello and brightly colored fruit bits went.

duck soup
more food

And then...there was more food that I had forgotten about. Soup of medicinal Taiwanese herbs. With duck. Oh my god. I have no idea how to describe the taste of the soup to you ("Taiwanese medicinal herb-y"), but the duck was as tender as duck confit. And wetter.

Someone brought even more food. MORE FOOD. For god's sake, I thought we were just eating dumplings!


Someone had to buy pie. Two kinds of pie. Pecan and almond with some-kind-of-berry-jam. If there are two kinds of pie, that means I eat two kinds of pie. And I did. Small pieces, mind you, but pie and almond tofu and god knows how much ground pork and chives and dumpling skins in one stomach equates to unhappy digestion. Thankfully I was only a short waddle from my apartment as to not agitate my stomach contents too much.

I don't regret the night at all, of course. A semi-explodee stomach is an alright price to pay for handing out with lots of friendly, cool people and eating homemade food.

random eats


After my first day of class on Tuesday, I went to Grandaisy Bakery (formerly Sullivan Street Bakery) for one of my favorite foods: pizza bianca.

pizza bianca
torn up piece of pizza bianca

The bakery name may have changed, but the goods are the same. A sweet touch of olive oil mixed with the light aroma of rosemary encased in a wide strip of chewy, tunneled, lightly salted flatbread surrounded by a thin golden crust for $1 never fails to make me happy. Unless it's a day old, in which case it tastes like crap. So eat it right away.

fruit tart
fruit tart

I also impulsively bought a fruit tart ($4.50) despite not especially loving them since it reminded me of something Parisian and god knows I still miss Paris a shizzload. Although it looked delicate from behind the counter, it was surprisingly dense and filling. Which was great because it tasted like buttery awesomeness surrounding a mountain of sweet, tender apple chunks (and something else, but I wasn't sure what the orange-r fruit was). It could count as a meal. An unbalanced meal.

holy shizz

A certain Canadian someone sent me a huge-ass, insanely excessive package of Canadian snacks and junk food. SCORE. I look forward to chocolate bar death, in English and Francais!

bollywood posters

Last night after being appropriately freaked out by Pan's Labyrinth, Nathan and I ate dinner at Kati Roll, where one may dine surrounded by warm orange walls and old Bollywood posters. I know you want to.

beef?...or lamb...I DON'T REMEMBER lamb?
They twins! Or quadruplets!

You can order one roll or two rolls for a slightly reduced price. I got the beef, he got the lamb, and then like all good food loving people shared one of each. Since I'm too lazy to describe the rolls myself, I'll just quote Midtown Lunch:

It’s Indian food. It’s a burrito. Indian Burrito. Done. Sure, there’s no rice, no beans, and instead of a tortilla, it’s a piece of fresh paratha (Indian flat bread). But it is rolled up, and it is eaten with your hands. Indian Burrito. Indian Soft Taco is also accepted.

I specifically told the guy behind the counter that I liked spiciness, resulting in a slightly tear-inducing beef roll. Hey, I got what I wanted. But I was really glad that I only had to eat one; the lamb roll was much milder and also more enjoyable for consisting of ground meat instead of chewier meat cubes like the beef roll.


I don't know if it's just me, but I'm pretty sensitive to raw onions, as in I don't seem to digest them well. As much as I like the taste, I'd rather not deal with the subsequent feeling that all my innards are marked with sulphuric oniony essence. Which is what happened last night. Oops. Oh well, it's tasty, inexpensive, easy to eat, and it won't kill you. I suspect the service is faster at night (there weren't many people) than during lunch hours.

I'm tired. Sleepy time.


595 River Rd
Edgewater, NJ 07020

[NYC shuttle info]

724 Route 202 South
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

[All locations]

Grandaisy Bakery
73 Sullivan St

Kati Roll
140 W 46th St


Amy / January 17, 2007 11:43 PM

i love pizza bianca. but god I haven't had one since high school. I miss it. and Knishes. I haven't had knishes since high school either. (this is what happens when you dont go to school in the city).

irene / January 17, 2007 11:58 PM

i looove wegmans. i wonder how far mitsuwa is from me. i've been to the one in IL and i loved their black sesame ice cream.

have you tried pinkberry yet?

chris / January 18, 2007 7:26 AM

Not commenting on this, but about your thinking of a career. I think you have a great career right now. Your blog entries make people salivate and your love of food shines clearly through your text and photos. Get yourself an agent or start contacting all the newspapers in your area. Give them the URLs of your blog posts you like the best and start getting paid for this.
i'm a 47 year old woman and i'm sure i love your blog entries just as much as any 20 year old or someone of any age: Meaning you appeal to foodies of all ages. i nominated you for the blog awards last month too, for the food one. (i found your blog through Parisist, as I visit there often and love the bloggers there. i think i heard of petite anglaise first, and then continued on to other bloggers who sounded good.)
get cracking on this!!! you're lucky you have a nice little niche here and you can get paid for it. there are lots of papers dying for new columnists, especially in the food or style or living sections, and now you have a solid base of past pieces and are an established blogger.

i'll take a commission if you wanna give it to me!!!

if you travel to other places you can submit travel articles, too. for example, my hometown newspaper the San Francisco Chronicle could use new blood. they use the same columnists repeatedly. it's hard finding good, consistent help. don't waste your great talents, girl!!!

Adalmin / January 18, 2007 11:32 AM


Rose / January 18, 2007 11:34 AM

I went to dumpling parties in college ALL THE TIME. It's totally a chinese-american college thing. We did it at least twice a year. in fact, i want to hold one here at my apartment in taipei (even if its way cheaper and more convienent to go out and walk down the street to the dumpling house), just for the socializing aspect of it. lucky girl go eat some more!

susannah / January 18, 2007 11:39 AM

Oooh! Kati roll looks good! I love spicy onions and paratha.

Dumplings look like a lot of work, but I guess if you've got plenty of help on hand, a dumpling party can't be too hard to pull off. Yum.

Ehhh, I often carry things around with me without telling anyone. Someone told me bottling up your emotions cause cancer, which should give you a lovely idea of the kind of people I am surrounded with on a daily basis. It can feel good to ask for help with a problem, but often you don't get any advice in return. Support is important though.

Maybe you just need a good nights rest to stimulate the appetite - damn those air mattresses! Feel better.

maria~ / January 18, 2007 12:02 PM

Hey Robyn:

I hope you feel better soon but thank God you have been eating well any way *winkz* You've always been eating better than me all the time! :D

Anyway, Chris' comment above is right. You can be the Carrie Bradshaw of the foodie world!

janet / January 18, 2007 12:23 PM

Hullo, haven't internetted in awhile!

Hope you get your appetite back and work out those troubles. Stupid troubles.

I finally have been to Mitsuwa (twice!!) and I lurrvvvvveeee it. Last time I got a large waffle cone of the green tea soft serve and basically I turned into mushy green human serve by the time I was done.

Now I want pizza bianca. Copycat fooding ensues!

Tina / January 18, 2007 1:03 PM really don't sound like your usual self. Hopefully you'll get better soon and all your issues are solved by next week or so.

The Wegman's baguette looks yummy! I, as well, hope that markets in the city are like that...except for Dean & Deluca since they get their stuff from Tom's Bakery (which isn't bad but they're stinkin' expensive).

About that orange colored fruit in Grandaisy's tart, I think it's apricot.

trishusmalicious / January 18, 2007 2:51 PM

"I felt like I was carrying around a limp cat in my paper bag" - that is only the funniest thing ever. i almost spit out the food i was eating when i read this. my roommate's cat weighs 26 lbs... he'd fall through any paper bag...

Liz / January 18, 2007 4:11 PM

Hey...wanted to let you know I just sent in my graduate school application to NYU Steinhardt for their Food Studies program! I owe it to you for telling me about the school..otherwise, I could be at Gallatin not knowing what to make my major!

Marsha / January 18, 2007 7:22 PM

I'm so glad to be reading you again, and am willing that the angels of health (?) visit you soon. Also, I think that fruit tart was trying to say something to me (which is more likely than you may think, since you say it reminded you of Paris and I will be in Paris visiting my daughter in April--I will be relying on your Paris entries no end, and I thank you for them). Do pay attention to the woman in San Francisco who encourages you to write; she is correct. Get well!

roboppy / January 18, 2007 10:06 PM

Amy: Yes, that's what you get for GOING TO VASSAR. You like in a bubble...within Poughkeepsie. Hehe. (Ok, it's not THAT horrible. Maybe.)

Miriam: Me too, although at the same time I seem to be maintaining my weight, which is nice!

Irene: No pinkberry yet! It's on my list. Kind of. I haven't been in the mood for frozen yogurt. :(

Chris: Holy moly, thanks for your enthusiasm and support! You have loads more confidence than I have. Because I don't have any. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be my agent at the moment, haha. Agent. [blinks] Whoaarwuh.

It's good to know I appeal to foodies of all ages. :) MAYBE BABIES LOVE ME TOO! Or as soon as they start reading they will. Actually, what I would like to do is make weird food related t-shirts. Like with stomachs and innards and weird sayings. Uh. Uhhhhm. Uh huh. A dream that few have, thank god.

Thanks for nominating me! That makes me feel warm and fuzzy. In a good way, not the nauseous way.

You really would deserve commission if I could manage to get a writing job, hehe. Although first I want to finish my homework...which I'm totally not doing...coooos I'm reading blogs, ohohoho crap!

Damn, I'd love to travel. I can unlock the culinary mysteries of Norway. PEOPLE ARE DYING TO KNOW! Or I just want to go back to Norway...

Adalmin: Haha, wow, thanks for making me laffff. Yeah, something is wrong with me and near the end of the entry I went into a worse poopy mood of non-bubbly enthusiasm. But I'm relatively okay now, at this very moment in time. This little speck of existence.


Rose: My god, how did I miss out on all this dumpling madness? I know lots of Asian people! They did not tell me the secrets of the dumps. ...Dump Secrets.

...That sounds wrong.

Susannah: Oo, cancer! My favorite! wait, that's chocolate. NO, NO CANCER. :( Support is good and I have that...or I know I would if I told people. I don't want my problems to hang on the minds of other people though. EE EEE [digs out chunks of my own brain].

Maybe it's the mattress. Hm.

Maria: Even without an appetite I eat better than you? Oh nooo! How could this be? Help me eat this ginormous package of Canadian foodstuffs. .__.

Tina: I'm not myself! Yay it shows! Yesterday I felt so ridiculously serious. It kinda sucked.

Boo to uber pricey bread. Gotta haul our bums to Paris! About $500 round trip! And then we can have all the 1 euro baguettes we want. Uh...huh.

Apricot sounds good to me.

trishusmalicious: 26 pounds?

[eyes widen]

Holy crap, what does that cat eat? Or not eat?

Maybe I should've specified "kitten".

Liz: Oo, awesome! I'm glad I could help out. :) You should enjoy since...well, you just learn about food all the time. Can't think of anything bad about that.

Mila / January 18, 2007 10:18 PM

Yakult is all over Asia, there used to be Yakult ladies who'd sell the stuff up and down the neighborhood when I was a kid. Supposed to be good for the digestive tract with lactobacilli. The old tv ads showed the lactobacilli under a microscope which didn't make me want to drink the stuff. Not an ad for kids that's for sure.

Hope you feel better soon Robyn. Get a better mattress, back support is crucial for a goodnight's sleep.

Jane / January 19, 2007 12:12 AM

I totally agree with the Chris who posted above--you should do this for a job. I'm always eagerly waiting for each update (eager is a dorky word but then I'm a dorky person) for equal parts food pics, suggestions on where to go (I live in New York), and hilarious writing. Seriously, your whole style--especially the tangents and usage of italics--cracks me up at least once an entry. (I'm a writer, so I notice style-stuff like that... don't mind me :P )

Actually, your blog inspired me to start up my own about places to go in New York; I always seem to find weird/cool places/events that most people don't know about. But I'll leave the fooding to you :)

(Oh, and speaking of blogs, I love the layout of the site--lots of blogs are too squished in the middle and too distracting color-wise--and I was wondering if you use Wordpress or... ?)

cherelle / January 19, 2007 9:33 AM

yakult is everywhere in singapore too! so yeah its prolly an asian thing. the green tea ice cream looks damn good btw! yums.

santos. / January 19, 2007 12:03 PM

hey robyn, have you seen that bikkle stuff? it's like the cheaper, bigger version of that yakult yogurt drink.

ah,"children of men." isn't it nice when movies make you want to kill yourself before the ending of the movie? the book has a better ending, but for my money, you can't beat staring at a hard-worn clive owen for a few hours.

roboppy / January 19, 2007 2:29 PM

Mila: Good for digestion...perhaps I should drink more of it. :P I love dem lactobacilli!

I'm going to go to Kmart today to see if I can get a mattress pad majiggy. Lately I've been able to remember my dreams...which is odd. I mean, I've remembered more dreams this month that I have in years, possible. And my memory ain't getting any better. But it could be due to a number of factors, one being that I'd like a smooshier mattress.

pookguy: Hehe, yes they always have tons of good food! Which is why it's such a shame when I'm not hungry because then I don't have any desire to go...

Jane: Eager? Ee! That makes me happy!...and bad because I don't update very often. ("TODAY I ATE A CLEMENTINE AND CHOCOLATE FOR LUNCH!" is not the stuff of headlines. But it's true.) I'm glad you like the tanger/italics style. I call it "I'm Semi Brain-Dead and Obviously Don't Have an Editor."

Oo, start a blog, yay! BE CONSUMED BY THE BLOOOOG! I use Movable Type for this blog (although I use wordpress for other blogs) since I started this blog before I was familiar with WP. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Layout doesnt really depend on the blogging tool, though; I designed a site and then I made it fit with whatever I was using. Somehow. (I don't like using pre-made templates.) It took me a long time to understand Movable Type template tags and stuff though. :\

Cherelle: Yakult seems to be part of ASIAN-NESS. Mmmmm. If I drink it, I can have better digestion...and be more Asian!

Santos: Nope, I haven't seen Bikkle. Not consciously at least. [googles it] I'll keep my eye out for it.

YAY, I LOVE FEELING LIKE I WANNA DIIIE!!! After seeing all these feel good movies of the year (CoM, Pan's Labyrinth) I just wanna hug a rainbow.

adelyn / January 19, 2007 2:43 PM

i think newark IS THE BUG. it is like a virus masquerading as a city. ;-)

"buoyant product of heathens" --> i love this. i love.

green tea ice cream. for some reason, that sounds like a diet advertisement to me. it probably is in california.

aahh, i haven't been eating anything exciting either but i just got back to paris yesterday so if the weather holds up, i'll attempt to forage and feed tomorrow.

good luck with your new apt!

jo / January 19, 2007 9:17 PM

I believe dumpling-making gatherings are very common in China since that's where it originated anyway...I wish I had enough friends during college to be able to do that too.

Steph / January 20, 2007 12:38 AM

Giirrrrl, my mom is the QUEEN of homemade dumplings. In fact, I tucked away about 20 of her veggie version this afternoon before I went to work. While a nice, crispy, fried take-out dumpling is always awesome... there's nothing like homemade. MMmm MMmmm.

And that yogurt drink? Perhaps it's a sin against all Asian youth, but I never liked it. To this day, just seeing the bottle skeeves me out.

Pizza Bianca........ Heaven on Earth.

Feel better, hun!
- S

ada / January 20, 2007 3:47 PM

You probably couldn't care less, but yours is the only blog I read.
On your suggestion, I went to Maison du Chocolat. Now chocoalate is ruined for me. Can't find anything that could hold a candle to that stuff. And I live nowhere near NY, the only place in the US it's sold. Kill me. I no longer want to live.

redrhino / January 20, 2007 5:15 PM

That picture of the fruit tart just looks plain vulgar (I'm thinking!).


roboppy / January 20, 2007 7:48 PM

Adelyn: Thanks for the LOVE! Nothing is quite as awesome as the word "buoyant"...

...okay I lie. But I rather like the word. Buoy. What the hell. BUOY!

PARIS!!@#!@@! PARIISIISIRIRO!@#!()REWUFjisdfo I'm totally fine.

Jo: I wish I had enough friends too (for regular parties at least). Dumpling obsessed friends. Maybe I can arrange another dumpling making party before graduation...or maybe THAT WILL BE MY GRADUATION PARTY! Oh my god, yes.

Steph: 20...sweet jesus. Your mom sounds awesome.

I talked about Yakult today with a Chinese friend! He said he always thought it was too sweet. Ooo. And then I saw craploads of yogurty drinks (not yakult) in the frozen section of a korean

ada: Of course I care! Much more than less! Maybe even more than more! ...Wait, that might be faulty math. Whatever. YOU ARE MY READER, NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE YOU, now get into this cage. [points] :)

Oops, I ruined chocolate! Hm. Well! Now you're more choosy; that ain't so bad? Funmy, after eating La Maison I still like most chocolate. I mean, as long as it's still palatable. La Maison is very good though, mmmhm. Valrhona milk chocolate may be my favorite snacking chocolate though. It's not very expensive and Whole Foods sells bite sized pieces of em. Which are probably not meant for eating straight, but whatever.

Red: ...Dude, you just ruined the tart for me.

gutter |-------------------------| mind

SEPARATE THEM! Thank you. :)

Natalia / January 21, 2007 1:50 AM

Mmmm, I want an Indian burritto, and homemade dumplings, and a fruit tart! I also think that you should watch Singing in the Rain because you can't watch that movie and be depressed. It's just not possible. And then you should have an avocado milkshake while you can still get them at a reasonable price. (Stupid CA weather.)

sue / January 22, 2007 6:50 AM

That green tea ice cream looks delicious, though seemed a bit expensive.

I totally agree with you about the yakult. You truly described it so well. It makes you thirsty and it makes feel like your teeth are decaying too.

elizabeth / January 22, 2007 11:17 AM

Hope things are better now!! Do take care, and hope the issue sort of rolls away soon. Sometimes the thing is at least to let it out a bit...even if friends are helpless and the result is to cast someone in a bad light, because things will change! for the better.

Aha! I've never heard of pizza bianca, thanks for the info. But Yakult, yes. Um, I fall into the fanbase of Yakult. The alternative is Vitagen, which is "lower in sugar", as the site promises, so it should be popular amongst those who don't like the taste of Yakult.

--I haven't a sweet tooth, but maybe sugar disguises a more potent taste, I'm not sure (yeast smells awful, so probiotic culture should, too). I should drink more Vitagen. (Note how similar the bottles look! Does that help the probiotic cultures thrive? At least it makes the drinks recognisable.)

Have fun with the packs of sweets! :D

roboppy / January 23, 2007 1:11 AM

Natalia: Ahh, I don't have a designated happy movie! And I've never seen "Singing in the Rain", isn't that horrible? Right now I'm watching Intermission in the Third Dimension, which is rather happiness inducing. :)

Oh my god, avocado caloric...

Sue: The green tea ice cream would seem more worth the money if it had the word SUPER in the name.

Mm, tooth decay! With a side affect of good digestion! Maybe.

Elizabeth: Issue is rolling away as we speak! Letting things out is probably annoying my friends, but...I do feel a little better, maybe.

Mm, Vitagen!...I'll have to try that sometime. I like how it says "It's the Healthier Choice" without specifically saying what it is healthier than. I GUESS WE ALL KNOW!!! All that yogurty stuff seems to come in the same uber tiny style bottle.

lauren Barbati / January 23, 2007 8:36 PM

Oh my god, where has your site been? I just discovered it and I am obsessed, I caught up on the past 4 years of archives this weekend, should i be admitting that... probably not!! But seriously, this is the most fantastic site ever, I completely love that there is someone else who loves loving food but then also loves to complain about loving food, endless calories and craziness... but then disregard and continue speed eating copious amounts of pleasure.... ahhh, speed eating creamy and baked sugary things...

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