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less food?

Wow, can you believe I actually haven't been updating this every day? WHAT'S GOING ON?

Well. Thursday we had a chocolate tasting in my new student seminar. It was awesome, although it got to the point where I couldn't even eat any more chocolate. It also made me feel...weird. Just not normal. And it made me feel really full. Not feeling able to eat is weird for me. I mean, I can be no hungry but still feel like I can eat. In the chocolate overdose case, I didn't feel stuffed but I barely felt like I could eat.

After the chocolate tasting I went to M2M on 3rd Ave to get jap chae and a Korean spinach appetizer type thing. I also made the semi impulse buy of a pack of 6 red bean filled pancake-things. If you've seen them before, you'll know what I mean. And guess what; I haven't eaten all of them yet. Yet. Haha. I gave one to my roommate but I have a feeling she isn't going to eat it. :( Oh well, I'll see. The jap chae and spinach lasted two days, not bad for $5 of food.

Since I didn't feel so well from the chocolate eating, I guess I didn't eat too much last night. I still feel fat though (if my nutrition teacher heard me say that she'd be semi-horrified). I used to be a lot skinnier and it depresses me. I know my health is worse now. I really have to shape up! Maybe I should cut out all grain products first. [looks at piece of ginger bread bought from the Union Square Market yesterday] ... aw. :(

I ate at L'Annam yesterday for lunch with Diana. If you look at the menu, I got L17 (rice vermicelli). It was deeelicious! I had been to L'Annam once before but now I wanna go again. It's a cheap but really good lunch.

Diana and I went to the Union Square Market where I got a yummy piece of ginger bread (which I've never actually had in non-cookie form) and my first taste of hot apple cider! That is yummy. The cup looks small but it's actually quite a lot.

For dinner yesterday (well, it's 3 AM now) I ate the rest of the jap chae and spinach I didn't finish the day before and half of the ginger bread.

...yeah, I'll never lose weight.


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