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I luv mountain.
Me totally loving the Norwegian pastime of hiking. [Photograph: Gordon Mark]

Who are you?

I’m Robyn Lee, a 30-something-year-old American of Taiwanese background who grew up in New Jersey. I spent most of my adult life in New York City before moving to Norway in 2015 to live with my Norwegian husband, Kåre.

Why is this blog called “The Girl Who Ate Everything” version 2.0?

Because the first incarnation of this blog that I started in 2004 was teetering on a foundation of crumpled, virtual tissue paper, and adding more posts on top of something so unstable seemed like a bad idea. I didn’t want to throw my blog’s name or design in the garbage, so I just restarted my blog here with the same name and format and left the old one as an archive.

…Also, I already own and I don’t want to buy another domain name.

Where have I seen your name before?

Serious Eats, maybe? I worked there for about seven years under a bunch of different roles until I left in 2014. I’ll never find a job as cool as that again. :(

If not Serious Eats, maybe you’ve seen my food photos on other websites or food blogs.

Nah, you’re a robot from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Oh…dang it. Well. I’ve had the nickname “roboppy” since the late ’90s, so TAKE THAT, FICTIONAL ROBOT!!

(It’s pronounced rah-boppy, by the way. Some people think the name is robot-related, but it’s just the first syllable of my name plus “boppy”, a nickname-making formula some of my friends and I adopted when we were in middle school. I don’t think I was supposed to continue using the name over two decades later, but, uh, here I am.)

How do you edit photos and draw your illustrations?

I edit my photos using Photoshop. I also draw my illustrations using Photoshop, more importantly with the magic-imbuing powers of my Intuos Pro tablet, brushes from, and the stroke-smoothing powers of Hej Stylus.

What cameras do you use?

Since May 2010 I’ve used a Canon 7D with a Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC macro lens. In August 2015, I added a Sony RX100 IV.

How do I contact you?

My email address is For the most part, email is the best way to contact me, but I can be slow at replying. Don’t be shy—please feel free to poke me more than once if you don’t hear from me in a timely manner. I love hearing from readers!

If you’re from a PR firm and want to contact me about something you’re promoting, you should…n’t. I don’t write solicited reviews, I don’t blog about food-related news, and considering I live in Norway, I almost certainly cannot go to whatever event you’re promoting, nor would you want to spend the money on postage to ship me anything.

If you want to contact me about licensing my photos, please be clear about how you want to use the photos and what your photo rates are.

What else do you want me to know?

All photos and illustrations are done by me unless otherwise noted. This website is hosted by DreamHost and runs on the CMS Textpattern. I use Brackets to write the code.